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Staff Resources

This area of the IACTO website was designed to provide you with information and access to relevant documents that can be quickly downloaded for your use.



Within your community training centre your role is valued whether you are a tutor (instructor), an administrator or hold any other supporting role. Ensuring the learners receive the highest standard of training requires the entire CTC team to work together.

Policies & Procedures

In addition to the general management support we ensure that where, due to any changes in legislation or best practice guidelines we provide up to date policies and procedures along with guidance on how policies should be implemented. The employee handbook is available to download or read within this area of this website. IACTO will continue to provide clear and consistent information to both management and staff of the centre.

Performance Management & Development

In accordance with the Sustaining Progress Agreement, the Community Training Centre network has established and implements the Performance Management System as agreed. This tool has been developed to support both staff and managers in agreeing objectives and discussing performance against those objectives. The quarterly meetings provide both staff and manager with the opportunity to discuss how things are progressing and what if any support may be required to ensure successful completion of the objectives. Training and support can be provided in relation to the system.

Collective Bargaining

As the representative of the Boards of Directors, the employers in community training centres, IACTO negotiate with SIPTU and SOLAS on behalf of community training centre staff on matters of general pay terms and conditions. Agreements reached between IACTO, SIPTU and SOLAS at national level apply equally to all Boards and staff of community training centres.

Principal Activities at National Level

  • Representation of community training centre employers in national negotiations with SOLAS and the trade union on pay terms and conditions for CTC staff
  • Preparing submissions, proposal documentation and leading at third party hearings
  • Developing and negotiation of personnel policies and procedures
  • Researching and identifying areas for improvement in service and drafting proposals for agreement
  • Developing guidelines and supporting documentation for use at centre level
  • Engaging with Managers, Staff and SOLAS on areas of development for CTCs generally through working groups and fora.

Industrial Relations Support at Individual Centre Level

Provision of comprehensive advisory, information and research service on human resources and industrial relations issues

  • Information and support on pay terms and conditions for staff
  • Information and support on policy application
  • Preparation for and representation at third party hearing
  • Identification of appropriate responses and interventions, including facilitation mediation and investigation
  • Supporting local management at meetings with the staff and trade union


IACTO have a range of resources for Staff to available of which can be accessed below.