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Operating a shared services model IACTO provides strategic human resource and industrial relations supports to individual CTC’s as the need arises.



Established in 2000 IACTO is the national representative organisation for the voluntary Boards of Directors of Community Training Centres. We are a company limited by guarantee not having a share capital. The liability of the Directors is limited.

Nationally, IACTO supports local CTC boards in their employer function and represents Boards in collective negotiations with the Trade Unions, Solas , ETB’s and other relevant bodies.

IACTO provides management services to promote and enhance the delivery of quality training outcomes for all of it’s members.

Individual CTC boards are responsible for the implementation of collective agreements, and are required to communicate with IACTO and Solas / ETB’s in relation to staffing issues in accordance with agreed procedures.

Our Structure

The board members of IACTO are elected by the membership at the AGM. The Directors of IACTO (8) are voluntary board members of community training centres. Directors of IACTO are nominated by their individual centre and elected by the general membership at the annual general meeting. The Board works on behalf of CTC’s nationally. The Board normally holds 8 Board meeting per annum. The work of the Board is enhanced by a number of sub-committee’s who meet to develop specific areas or represent the organisation on outside bodies.

Our Mission

“To empower and support the membership in working towards the elimination of unemployment and social exclusion in their communities through the provision of well resourced, holistic, integrated and quality-led community-based training”

Core Values

IACTO and its membership of CTCs will work towards the following common values:

Centres of Excellence
All locations will work in the public interest with facilities and resources that promote innovative training and life long learning opportunities to further the career aspirations and potential of designated individuals and groups within the FET learning community.

Quality Services
We will ensure that all training offered will lead to recognised accreditation, will satisfy QQI and ETB Quality Assurance standards and will be delivered in a professional manner that is inclusive. We will place a high priority on learner’s progression potential that is in accord with best practice and innovation.

Enabling Individuals
All endeavours will focus on actively engaging with local workers, both early school leavers and young adults in and out of jobs, in a respectful manner that empowers them to identify and realise their education and training development potential. This will be within a holistic, integrated and quality led training environment which enables learners gain a secure foothold in both the labour market and life-long learning community.

Learner Focus
All support services will be learner-centred and have as their eventual outcome the provision of a better service for the learner.

Policy Promotion
National and local practices will, at all times, actively promote Government policies in the associated fields of health and safety, education, training, employment and social inclusion.

Publicity and Information
Promote public awareness of the CTC ethos, role, programmes and services in an open and transparent manner.

Community Ethos
We will provide services, both internally and externally, in a personalised, courteous, fair and impartial manner and in full compliance with all equality legislation. We will support a community service ethos and will accord members of the public and IACTO/CTC staff the same levels of respect and courtesy.

Communication, Consultation, Feedback
There will be regular channels established to promote on-going communication, consultation and feedback with key Stakeholders, Boards of Directors, General Managers, Staff, Learners and their Families and other relevant Organisations. We will deal with all complaints and queries in an open, transparent, objective and fair manner.

What We Do

Operating a shared services model IACTO provides strategic human resource and industrial relations supports to individual CTC’s as the need arises. Our services are flexible and responsive and we work closely with voluntary boards, Solas and ETB’s as well as trade union officials to resolve issues as close to source as possible.

Supporting tools and required documentation are also provided by IACTO for it’s members examples of which include:

  • Employee Handbook
  • Management Guidelines
  • Recruitment Packs which support the complete recruitment process from vacancy to hire
  • Garda Vetting Information Pack
  • Cyber Bullying Information Pack
  • Director / Board Member Governance Manual
  • Board Evaluation Toolkit

Training & Development

IACTO also provides organisation development and change management expertise and has worked with member CTC’s to ensure they can demonstrate their corporate governance compliance and continuous improvement by taking part in the Excellence in Corporate Governance initiative. The Excellence in Corporate Governance Health Check developed by IACTO as part of the initiative is the first of it’s kind within the community sector here in Ireland. To further support the CTC board members and staff a number of key training programmes have been developed and delivered to CTC Board members and General Managers.

Who we are

IACTO is a not-for-profit organisation, working to support CTCs in their work with learners. The Board of IACTO is made up of representatives from the CTCs to ensure CTCs are at the core of our work.

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