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IACTO support Managers by providing ongoing training and development, HR/IR advice and by keeping CTCs up to date with developments in FET.



There are a total of 31 CTC’s spread throughout Ireland. Your role as General Manager is to manage. You will predominantly work with the staff of the CTC to ensure the learners receive the highest quality training available to meet their ever changing needs.

To support the work of each Manager, there is also a network of CTC general managers, National Association of Community Training Managers (NACTM), who share a passion for service delivery and can be relied upon for their support.

General Management

Your role also involves you in working with the Chairperson and Board Executive to organise and prepare information for board meetings, draft annual and other reports, plans, budgets and information for circulation to board members. It is the role of the Manager to support the governance and decision making role of the voluntary Board.

The General Manager attends meetings to report on centres activities and provides advice on future developments, decision-making and compliance with legislation and other responsibilities and supports the decision-making process. The General Manager manages the day-to-day operations (including the budget, programme and staff) and liaises with their ETB on the technical and operational aspects of managing the centre.

Policies & Procedures

Together with other stakeholders, IACTO have developed a Community Training Centre Employee Handbook. The handbook is applicable to all CTCs. The handbook will be supported by a comprehensive set of management guidelines. As a support to the management team, IACTO can where needed provide training on matters related to the employment relationship, the handling of issues with employees and training for the recruitment panel. In addition centres may request training on specific issues.

In addition to the general management support we ensure that where, due to any changes in legislation or best practice guidelines we provide up to date policies and procedures along with guidance on how policies should be implemented. The employee handbook is available to download or read within this area of this website. IACTO will continue to provide clear and consistent information to both management and staff of the centre.

Performance Management & Development

In accordance with the Sustaining Progress Agreement, the Community Training Centre network has established and implements the Performance Management System as agreed. This tool has been developed to support both staff and managers in agreeing objectives and discussing performance against those objectives. The quarterly meetings provide both staff and manager with the opportunity to discuss how things are progressing and what if any support may be required to ensure successful completion of the objectives. Training and support can be provided in relation to the system.


IACTO have a range of resources for Managers to available of which can be accessed below.