Iacto Board Members

Board Members

As members of the Board you are the legal governing authority and employer for the CTC. You represent, protect and actively promote the mission and  interests of your organisation. At all times your role is to ensure that  you act within the law, and meet contractual, legal and funding obligations.

IACTO recognise that the strength of the organisation thus far has been the dedication and commitment of the voluntary Board, the general manager and staff to provide a quality service that has a positive impact on the learners and community we work on behalf of.

We regard the contribution of our voluntary members as a valuable asset. The skills, knowledge and perspective they bring are essential in the continuous development of the CTC and without them we would not achieve our goals.

IACTO are committed to providing the expertise and tools that support and develop the potential of the voluntary contribution.

We believe that clear roles and consistently applied policies and procedures will support the CTC and its stakeholders to work together to provide quality-training outcomes for the learners in a fair and consistent manner.

The Excellence in CTC Corporate Governance Standard is the first of its kind in Ireland, developed by the business for the business.

A comprehensive and robust assessment tool has been developed for boards which when used in conjunction with the standard and the health check process ensures the centre achieves a level of Excellence in CTC Corporate Governance.  Furthermore a culture of continuous improvement is supported with a road map of recommendations provided along with the expertise and a suite of off the shelf tools which provides the centre with the opportunity to achieve the next level of the standard.

Excellence in CTC Corporate Governance along with HR / IR and Organisation Development continue to be our core focus areas of support to you , our members.

There are a number of documents available for download on this page which will support you in your role as a voluntary board member.

Downloadable Resources


CTC Board Manual

Top Ten Tips for Improving Board EngagementTop Ten Tips For Board Meetings v2

Sample Board Member Self Evaluation Form 97-03

Review checklist for boards or committees

Sample Board Member Skills Audit Tool V1 03

Committee Member or Board self assessment form

Board Member Burn Out Test

Board induction outline

If you require any further assistance or would like us to provide additional resources here please contact us at:- iacto@iacto.ie