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Board Members

With ever increasing advancements in employment, health and safety and company law, the role of voluntary board members / directors is becoming more and more complex and onerous. The voluntary role of Board members is highly valued by individual centres as well as by IACTO. In order to support the work of the Boards, IACTO will continue to provide our members with tools, expertise, training and solutions that are customised to suit the specific needs of either individual members or the community training centres as a whole.

The ability to demonstrate accountability, transparency and value for money are key to maintaining trust, enhancing the public profile and securing future funding. Standards, norms and public expectations have increased. For those in receipt of public money, the need to demonstrate good governance and manage risk is more important than ever. As independent companies the CTCs are therefore required to demonstrate compliance in an increasingly regulated employment and corporate environment.

In 2010 and 2011 IACTO developed a national governance standard for the CTCs that supports voluntary Boards in demonstrating good governance and encouraging better governance. The Excellence in CTC Corporate Governance Standard is the first of its kind in Ireland, developed by the business for this business.

A comprehensive and robust assessment tool has been developed for boards which when used in conjunction with the standard and the health check process ensures the centre achieves a level of Excellence in CTC Corporate Governance. Furthermore a culture of continuous improvement is supported with a road map of recommendations provided along with the expertise and a suite of “off the shelf” tools which provides the centre with the opportunity to achieve the next level of the standard.

Excellence in CTC Corporate Governance along with HR / IR and Organisation Development continue to be our core focus areas of support to our members.

Future training options may include:

Child Protection and Welfare, Data Protection, Board Role and Function, Board Recruitment, Board Planning and Evaluation, Productive Meetings, and others as needed, the topics covered will depend on the needs of the individual Board and other areas may be provided on request.

General Management

We are currently in the process of revising the current Community Training Centre employee handbook. The handbook will be supported by a comprehensive set of management guidelines. As a support to the management team, IACTO can where needed provide training on matters related to the employment relationship, the handling of issues with employees and training for the recruitment panel. In addition Centres may request training on specific issues.

Policies & Procedures

In addition to the general management support we will ensure that, where due to any changes in legislation or best practice guidelines we provide up to date policies and procedures and guidance on how policies should be implemented. The employee handbook is available to download or read within the relevant area of this website. Password and log-in are required. IACTO will continue to provide clear and consistent information to the management and staff of the centre.

Performance Management & Development

In accordance with the Sustaining Progress Agreement, the Community Training Centre network has established and implement the Performance Management System as agreed. This tool has been developed to support both staff and managers to agree objectives and discuss performance against those targets. The quarterly meetings provide both staff and manager with the opportunity to discuss how things are progressing and what if any support may be required to ensure successful completion of the objectives. Training and support can be provided in relation to the system.

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Board Members

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Child Safeguarding
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IACTO Services To Members

Staff Relations

Collective Bargaining

As the representative of the Boards of Directors, the employers in community training centres, IACTO negotiate with SIPTU and SOLAS on behalf of community training centre staff on matters of general pay terms and conditions.

Agreements reached between IACTO, SIPTU and SOLAS at national level apply equally to all Boards and staff of community training centres.

Principal Activities at National Level

  • Representation of community training centre employers in national negotiations with SOLAS and the trade union on pay terms and conditions for CTC staff
  • Preparing submissions, proposal documentation and leading at third party hearings
  • Developing and negotiation of personnel policies and procedures
  • Researching and identifying areas for improvement in service and drafting proposals for agreement
  • Developing guidelines and supporting documentation for use at centre level
  • Engaging with Managers, Staff and SOLAS on areas of development for CTCs generally through working groups and fora.
Industrial Relations Support at Individual Centre Level

Provision of comprehensive advisory, information and research service on human resources and industrial relations issues

  • Information and support on pay terms and conditions for staff
  • Information and support on policy application
  • Preparation for and representation at third party hearing
  • Identification of appropriate responses and interventions, including facilitation mediation and
  • investigation
  • Supporting local management at meetings with the staff and trade union

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