The following resources are available for you to download and use within your CTC only. Some of these resources are samples of the types of documents you may find useful and as such can be adapted to include the specific name of your CTC. Please note however that these resources are considered to be forĀ  “internal use only” and as such should not be downloaded or reproduced for use anywhere or by anybody outside of the CTC network.

Our aim is to ensure the resources available here are up to date and relevant to you. If that is not the case please contact us at and we will rectify any errors or omissions. We would also like to hear from you if there is any other resources not currently available here that you would like.

CTC Employee Handbook 2018

FINAL Revised Employee Handbook Sept 2018

IACTO Business Plan 2018

IACTO Business Plan 2018

IACTO Strategic Statement 2017 – 2019

IACTO STRATEGIC Statement 2017 – 2019 final
Sample Documents / Forms

Sample Training Request Form

Sample Staff Annual Leave Request Form

Sample Force Majeure self cert

Sample Records Register

Sample Policies

Sample Records Management Policy

Sample Email Usage Policy

Sample Data Access Request Form

Sample Internet Usage Policy

Sample Record Retention and Disposal Policy

IACTO Executive Summary May 2015