Ronanstown Community Training Centre    

Ronanstown Community Training and Education Centre is an integrated centre for young adults with an intellectual and/or physical disability and a second chance education opportunity for young people who have left school without their Leaving Certificate.


This is our 27th year providing training and education opportunities in the community to our learners in this very unique and supportive setting.

The DDLETB programme aims to give our learners the skills and qualifications to progress to further education, training or employment once they have completed their training course.

Learners participate in certification based training and identify areas that they would like to pursue as possible careers. They are then supported in work experiences and their Individual
Progression Plans are developed.

This year, we have progressed thirty three learners to either employment or further education.

Through our holistic and person centred approach learners are encouraged and empowered to develop a career plan that leads to employment and lifelong learning opportunities in community
based or formal educational settings.


Ronanstown Community Training and Education Centre,
Rossecourt Resource Centre, Balgaddy, Lucan,
Co Dublin.
Contact: Ciara Ballantyne 01 4647800