Lourdes Youth & Community Services (LYCS) was established in 1984, as part of a broad based community development movement, which emerged in Dublin’s north inner city in the late 1970’s and 1980’s. LYCS is an integrated community based education, training, recreation and development project which is concerned with giving participants the opportunity to become involved in their own development and the development of their community. The organisation is locally based and participatory. Personal and social development are seen as inextricably linked to the development of local community resources.


To address the diverse needs of the local community LYCS operates the following programmes: First Steps Crèche, Youth Work Programme, Community Training Centre (CTC), Adult Education Programme, Development Education, Community Employment Scheme.

The Community Training Centre (CTC) works with 40 Early School Leavers who have the opportunity to gain certified training in FETAC Levels 3 & 4 in areas such as Woodwork, Childcare, Sports and Recreation. The centre also places great emphasis on the Personal Development of the young person and sees this as Key to ensuring that young people have the best foundation to progress from the centre into further education or employment.


Lourdes Youth and Community Services CLG,
Lower Rutland Street, (off Séan MacDermott Street), Dublin 1
Contact: John Lumsden (Manager) Tel: (01) 8363416