The Community Training Centre of the Daughters of Charity Community Services (formerly St Vincent’s Trust) was established in 1975 in response to the needs of a group of vulnerable, homeless people attending the organisation’s food centre at this time. The majority of the people presenting were early school leavers and other vulnerable young people.

Many of these teenagers were also out of home. In response to this the organisation concentrated its efforts on providing a pre-vocational training programme for these at-risk young people who had got lost in the educational system. The evolving service, with support from AnCO, the precursor of FAS, marked the historical beginnings of what was to become the first Community Training Workshop in Ireland.

The Community Training Centre (CTC) continues to operate as a service of the Daughters of Charity Community Services Ltd. In line with their ethos and philosophy, it seeks to work with
the most vulnerable young people in order to meet their training, education, personal, social and economic needs. The service is currently catering for 50 trainees 16 yrs to 21 yrs old, who are
early school leavers.

The following core course modules and educational activities are provided by the CTC service:

  1. Catering
  2. Health and Beauty
  3. Woodwork
  4. Property Maintenance/Interior Design
  5. Healthcare.


















St Vincent’s Community Training Centre, 9 Henrietta Street, Dublin 1.
Contact: Manager Niamh McLoughlin Ph: 01 8874100