If you have left school early and are interested in developing your skills further, we have a wide range of courses available to help you reap the benefits of improving your skills. There are 31 community training centres around Ireland. Each centre offers a wide range of both QQI level 3 and level 4 courses plus other options.

CTCs offer a flexible and tailor-made programs of integrated general education, vocational training and work experience. Learners are helped set personal and learning goals that increase their self-esteem, skills, knowledge and employability. Essential course elements include Personal and Social Development, a choice of Vocational Skills and Communications Skills including Literacy and Numeracy.

Working with Young People

CTCs put the individual young person and their particular needs at the centre of all their activities. They do this by:
  • Providing a participant led centre where each person is treated as a unique individual and where regular open and frank feedback is given on his or her progress;
  • Providing learning opportunities that determined by the needs of the person rather than time or programme based;
  • Creating a learning environment which is safe, structured and challenging;
  • Providing programmes that focus on helping the young person become more independent while also helping him or her become more fully integrated within their local community;
  • Helping each individual to explore their needs and potential and then working with him or her in an holistic and sensitive manner across all aspects of their daily living;
  • Proving a team approach to learning within a curricular matrix in which each member of staff is implementing a range of cross-disciplinary curricular objectives;
  • Providing a learning environment where the multi-disciplinary staff encourage and facilitate learners to avail of in-house and external opportunities for self advancement;

CTC Training Programmes

CTC training programs are so designed that they facilitate young people to:
  • Return to learning and help them prepare for employment and adult life;
  • Continue their personal and social development;
  • Focus on areas and activities where he or she can experience and build on success;
  • Promote a positive attitude to his or her life long learning, personal independence and responsibilities, active citizenship and social inclusion;
  • Ultimately, to provide them with the skills, knowledge and competencies required whereby he or she can to get a secure foothold in the active Labour market and compete for work, in work and out of work.
Each learner is offered a personalised and supported program that includes:
  • An initial identification of  previous achievements, current needs, interests and capacities. This process begins once the person joins a CTC
  • Identifying, agreeing and setting individual learning plans and goals to include personal development and ongoing exploration between the learner and CTC staff
  • Assigning a member of the CTC staff to the learner as his or her Key Worker or Mentor
  • Provision of an initial  induction to or sampling of general vocational skills
  • An offer of learning modules that enable him or her to achieve their goals
  • Regular reviews between the learner and the Key Worker during which the learner can receive positive feedback and negotiate adjustments to his or her learning program
  • Opportunities to gain National Certification in one or a number of areas
  • Support in periods of suitable and complementary work experience or work based learning on an employers premises that furthers his or her career and learning goals
  • Continuation of their literacy, numeracy and communication skills related to life and work.
  • Support from CTC staff for a period of at least 6 months after formal training in the Centre is completed to help him or her adjust to life and opportunities in the workplace or further learning placement.

Certification in CTCs

  • CTCs offer various QQI major awards at level 3 and at level 4 which are designed to meet the training needs of the learners.
  • CTC’s also provide certification for learners who may want to progress to higher levels.
  • New major awards, at levels 3 and 4, are being developed in line with the Government Skills Strategy ,with the involvement of both staff and management.
  • Each award comprises a number of modules which the learner can achieve at their own pace and accumulate over time towards one of the QQI major awards.
  • The flexible format of the awards allows for a program of learning specifically designed to address the learning needs of the individual learner.
  • In addition, many CTCs offer modules leading to the Junior Certificate and Applied Leaving Certificate.